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We have all heard the term Value Added, that is when you take a product, process or thought and improve it, milk made into cheese is adding value to a product.

We add value to our communities with what we do with the Sons; we add value to The American Legion with our work on their programs.  Your job as Sons is to make sure you add value at every opportunity.  When planning your squadron activities ask what the value will be to the Squadron, the members, the Post, Unit and Community.  Not all value is monetary, by helping a veteran around their home, visiting a veteran in the hospital or serving as a funeral honor guard you show you value their sacrifice and this should bring value to you knowing you have made a difference.  When your Squadron sponsors a Badger Boy or Girl, a Junior Shooter Sports event, or Oratorical contest, you are adding value to those youths who will in turn become valued, productive members of society.

The Detachment values your commitment to the Sons, the Legion Family, your community state and nation.  

The 2011 Membership Report for October 18 2010 is on our web site, under Membership Reports.

Michael Lawler, Detachment Adjutant

P.S. Remember to report your value on your consolidated report forms.

Adjutants Update

On October 16, 2010, we mailed to your Squadron Primary Contact Person, the Adjutants Update.  This information is vital to the programs and success of your squadron, you too can view the information at this links.  

Adjutants Update Page 1

Adjutants Update Page 2

Included in this Mailing were also the following:  

q Fall DEC Agenda

q Membership Report
 q Squadron Information Form
q Drive for Five
q CWF Banner Form
q CWF Order Form
q Membership Reward Forms
q SAL Accomplishments

Please contact your Detachment Vice Commander for more information on the programs of the Sons of The American Legion.


With only a few days left before the elections Tuesday November 2, 2010, we remind you that it is your civic duty to be an active participant in the election process.  Be an informed, educated voter; visit the web sites below for more information. 

Election Dates

Meet the Candidates at this link

Find out who your Representatives are at this link

Find your Assembly District

Find your Senate District

Find your Congressional District

Government Accountability Board

More election countdown information

You are encouraged to get involved on your election board, voter registration and promoting the elections, however the Sons of The American Legion is a nonpartisan organization, do not use your office in the Sons to campaign for any candidate or party.  

Veterans Day

Will you be at one-hundred percent membership by Veterans Day? Commander Severson has set the bar high, but along with that lofty goal comes a reward, a $10.00 donation will be made to the National Emergency Fund NEF, in your squadrons name if you are 100 percent by November 11, 2010 with your 2011 dues.  Currently there are eleven squadrons on the honor roll, but I am sure in the next two weeks that will change.

Celebrate Veteran's Day!

 The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin has received many notifications regarding Veteran's Day celebrations the week of Veteran's Day.  Below are links to more information on various events.

AGAPE Youth Choir Salute to Soldiers.

Suggested Veteran's Day Speech from National.

November 11, 2010 St. John's Northwestern Military Academy.

Free Meal at Applebees.

Free Meal at Seventh Day Adventist Church in Portage.

Free Meal at the Golden Coral.

Fall Creek Veterans Day Celebration.


Commanders Project is the National Emergency Fund

With natural disasters occurring frequently, Commander Severson has announced that his commander’s project will be the American Legion National Emergency Fund.  Commander Severson is challenging each Squadron to donate $1.00 per member to the NEF.  The Commanders goal is $3000.00 dollars donated to NEF by May 2011. 

The National Emergency Fund has provided over $6,000,000 in direct financial assistance to Legion family members and posts. The National Emergency Fund has kept posts from closing and enabled Legion family members to begin to rebuild their homes and their lives. Find more about the NEF at

When your squadron donates to the NEF they will receive a ribbon and citation from the National Commander of the American Legion.  Additionally the squadron with the greatest per donation over $1.00 per member will be awarded the Chrystal Commanders Plaque of Excellence.  Individual SAL members who donate will be eligible to enter a drawing for emblem sales gift certificate and more.  As an added incentive, Commander Severson will donate to the NEF in the name of each Squadron who reaches 100 percent membership by Veterans Day.

What can you do?  Hold a brat fry or spaghetti dinner, take donations at your meetings, ask local businesses to donate.  Make this a fun challenge and help your Legion Family over come hardship and loss.

Make donations payable to the National Emergency Fund and mail to Detachment Finance Officer Dennis Stockfisch N56W18346 Evergreen Ln, Menomonee Falls WI 53051, if you send your donations directly to NEF make sure you clearly state SONS OF THE AMERICAN LEGION SQUADRON#___.

Midwinter Conference January 21-22, 2010 Ho Chunk Wisconsin Dells.

You and your squadron should be making plans to attend the Midwinter Conference, in addition to the Standing Committee, Commission and Detachment Executive Committee meetings, there will be a host of workshops for you to attend sponsored by the Legion and the Sons.  Workshop will run the gamut including the American Legion Extension Institute, Americanism, Current Technologies and more.  Watch your Badger Legionnaire for more details.  National American Legion Commander Jimmy Foster will be presenting recruiter awards and there will be a social hour to unwind with your comrades. Register and book your room today.

CWF Order Form

Children and Youth Chairman Gary Lubich wants to thank the squadrons who are already involved with the Child Welfare Foundation, donations are coming in from all over the state, including from newly chartered Squadron 59, Stoughton.   Gary is taking orders for Cups and Mugs are $5.00, totes $10.00 and shirts $25.00 through November and will have them available to pick up at the Midwinter, or you can order your own using this easy order form,   Your squadron will get credit for the entire donation for each mug, cup, tote and shirt you purchase.

Another incentive is the 100% Banner, this reward comes when your squadron donates the equivalent of $1.00 per member to the Child Welfare Foundation In order to qualify for the banner, you need to fill
out the attached paperwork. Once your donation, along with the supporting documentation,
has been received by CWF, an acknowledgement letter and the banner will be sent to you.

Make donation payable to CWF or Child Welfare Foundation, mail donations to the Detachment Finance Officer Dennis Stockfisch N56W18346 Evergreen Ln, Menomonee Falls WI 53051, this helps us record the squadrons who donate and helps you get credit for the donation.  

Contact Gary Lubich using the Detachment Officers Roster,

NASCAR National Membership Race

Thomas WigmoreMy name is Thomas W.Wigmore, I am your National Membership Chairman, and I am looking forward to working with each of you across this country this year. Our membership theme this year will be NASCAR.


·         The name of our race will be The Sons of The American Legion 365

(All of us will be working membership 365 days a year)

·         Our racetrack will be known as The Sons of The American Legion Speedway.

·         This track will cover all Detachments in the Sons of The American Legion across this country.

·         This track and this year’s membership program will be dedicated to all our troops currently serving our country and to all veterans who served our nation to preserve our security and freedom.

I am asking all Detachments and Squadrons to host a NASCAR event during 2010-2011. This is a good way to bring in new members and renewals as well. Remember our younger members when planning your event. Advertise in your local newspaper about your event. I would like to see when this event

is run that all in attendance bring a donated item for a box that will be mailed to our troops.


Lets run the 2010-2011-membership program for our troops and our veteran of this nation because they stand for us every day.


Again I look forward to working with all of you this year. If you have any questions about the Sons of The American Legion membership program please E-mail myself at or you can contact The American Legion Department Headquarters in your State.


Gentlemen Start your Engines

District Standing

District Standings

Reach 100 percent by Veterans Day November 11, and Commander Severson will donate $10.00 do the National Emergency Fund NEF in your Squadrons name. If your Squadron donates $1.00 per capita to NEF you will receive an accommodation from the National Commander of the American Legion Jimmy Foster.

1.  Fourth District 90.63%
2.   Third District 75.31% %
3.   Fifth District 74.14%
4.   Twelfth District 53.52%
5.   Eleventh District 52.94%
6.   Sixth District 40.32%
7.   First District 27.72%
8.   Seventh District 25.05%
9.   Tenth District 22.73%  
10. Ninth District 19.55%
11. Second District 16.71%
12. Eighth District 12.50% 

We know that many squadrons hold membership until Veterans Day, so we will be expecting a major change in the District Standings, make sure they are at HQ to be counted.  Will your Squadron and District make this goal?

Spring DEC April 16, 2011

Mark your calendars, Easter falls on April 24, 2011 so we will be holding our Spring Detachment Executive Committee meetings one week earlier April 16, 2011 at S. A. L. Headquarters in Portage.

Who is Your Historian?

Submissions to History Book Contest


As historian, you should be aware of the importance of your position, your work in keeping a history of your Squadron or Detachment will be viewed by members well into the future. By compiling an annual history book for your Squadron or Detachment you will be able to condense the information into a written history that is easy to research and is a useful tool for members for generations to come. In addition you should also submit your Annual History Book for consideration in the National History Book Contest. Your Detachment may also hold its own Squadron History Book Contest, and all Squadrons should be encouraged to further submit their books to the Nation History Book Contest. A History book is not the same as a scrap book, it is a narrated history of the year. You may include a photo section in your book, but it is not just a photo book.



SUBMISSION: History Book to National Headquarters (National Adjutant)

ELIGIBILITY: Squadrons and Detachments

CONTENTS: See Rules on pages 42-45 in the National Administrative Manual, or visit our web site,

DEADLINE: All books must be received at National Headquarters PO box 1055 Indianapolis, IN 46206 by July 15, 2011, however if your Detachment Convention is held on or after this date you may receive an extension from the National Adjutant.

DETAILS: The National Historian, in conjunction with the National Executive Committee

and the National Convention, conducts an annual History Book Contest open to submissions from Squadrons and Detachments. All submissions to this contest must adhere to the prescribed contest rules. They are self-explanatory. A copy of these rules can be found in Section V. Also in Section V of this Manual can be found the “History Contest Judging Sheet”, which is used to determine the National History Book winners. Detachments may also consider using this sheet to determine their Detachment winner.


Michael Lawler,  Past National Historian

Regional and National Report

The Central Region Challenge is getting exciting, the gophers have overrun us; we trail by a few tenths of a percent showing that every member counts. Wisconsin has slipped to ninth in the nation and central region is eking its way up from the bottom to third place.  Get your membership team involved with the NASCAR themed membership race from National.

(Central Region) Patrick N. Gryskiewicz (WI)









































Sons of the American Legion - Detachment of Wisconsin